Established how much time before going to bed you can spend in gadgets

(ORDO NEWS) — Researchers at the University of Delaware conducted a new study that examined exactly how listening to music, watching movies or videos affect the quality of human sleep. The results turned out to be quite interesting.

The experiment involved 58 people. They talked about how much time before going to bed they devoted to gadgets, read the news, watched movies or listened to music.

After that, the respondents went to bed, and with the help of special sensors, the activity of the brain and, in general, the entire state of the body were read. Experts also paid attention to the duration of sleep, as well as its quality.

The study found that people who use gadgets about an hour before falling asleep have absolutely no negative effects that could affect the quality of sleep and its duration. If the use of gadgets occurred immediately before bedtime, then the consequences for the body were not entirely positive.

Those who listened to music or watched movies for too long before falling asleep complained of quite severe discomfort. The duration of sleep was reduced, and its quality deteriorated markedly.

Morgan Ellithorpe of the University of Delaware said that before going to bed it is not advisable to surf the Internet or listen to music. If this needs to be done, then it is worth allocating a minimum of time to the process.

A healthy person should sleep 7-9 hours. Children and teenagers should allocate 8-11 hours for sleep. The duration of sleep will be affected by a person’s activity throughout the day, as well as the state of health.

In order to fall asleep quickly, you need to stop thinking for something negative. It is worth trying to completely relax. A place to sleep should be as comfortable as possible.

All gadgets should be turned off at least half an hour before bedtime. Also, do not get carried away with coffee, especially shortly before going to bed.


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