Essence-traveler what happens to the soul during sleep

(ORDO NEWS) — Experts told what happens to the soul during sleep. According to them, it flies out of the body, but is connected with it by a thin energy thread.

It is clarified that dreams are travels to other worlds, but not everyone remembers them in the morning. Essence is also connected to the human aura.

It is noted that people are vulnerable during sleep, so their bodies should be inaccessible to ill-wishers.

As for the ideas in religions, in Islam the idea of ​​the soul leaving the body in a dream is natural. At any moment, Allah can take it away and give it away.

He also decides how much a person is destined to oversleep. Muslims believe that people have two souls.

According to the superstitions of the Indians, a person has three souls. The first is called the ego, it exists from birth to death.

The second gives strength to stay awake, and the third is free, leaves the body in a dream, traveling to other worlds, so people see dreams, writes the Duhmaga portal.

In Orthodoxy, the human soul is always present in the body, leaving it after death.

By the way, she remains in the physical shell even when concluding an agreement on her “selling to the devil”, but after her death she is doomed to hell.

In the case of folk lore, the soul flies only in some people. In particular, the essence leaves the body when we dream of our own flight.

Often this occurs in children during a period of physical and spiritual growth. Adults also fly, but less frequently. This ability is endowed with intellectuals and all sorts of creators, thinkers say.


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