Epidemiologist predicted the emergence of a virus that can kill a billion people

(ORDO NEWS) — Epidemiologist Rob Wallace said that raising animals for meat and leather on an industrial scale could lead to a virus that will kill about a billion people, according to Dnes.dir. The material tells about the death of over 100 thousand chickens on a farm near Astrakhan in December 2020. The cause was the H5N8 avian influenza strain. Meanwhile, in 2021, it became known about the first human infection with bird flu in China – it was 7 people.

Meanwhile, China is already aware of the deaths of several dozen people from bird flu. “While the problem is under control, but scientists are convinced that the next pandemic will come from industrial farms,” ​​the article says.

Conditions on farms, where animals are crowded in large numbers in a small space in the dark, are ideal for the emergence and spread of viruses. Specialists on these farms use vaccines and antibiotics in large quantities, the immunity of animals is weakening, which provides excellent conditions for the emergence of viruses.

University of Bath biologist Sam Shepard emphasizes that antibiotic use, overcrowding and genetic similarities between animals are favorable conditions for the fusion of various pathogens and bacteria, as well as their impact on human life. In particular, it is already known that minks are capable of infecting with the coronavirus, and camels with the MEPC virus. “According to experts, a potential avian flu pandemic could be much more deadly than COVID-19,” the article emphasizes.


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