Epic scan of millions of stars finds no trace of intelligent alien life

(ORDO NEWS) — Do civilizations exist somewhere else in the universe? Somewhere else in the Milky Way? This is one of our overarching questions, and an affirmative answer would be sensational.

Mankind has been searching for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI) in one form or another since the advent of radio waves in the early 20th century. Efforts waxed and waned over the decades, but the search never completely stopped.

Hints have been found in the form of unexplained radio waves in the past, but nothing to be reliable evidence. Now a new search for technosignatures in the center of the Milky Way has turned up nothing.

If we ever discover or make contact with another civilization, it will be an almost mystical moment for our species. People will quickly divide into different camps and ideologies and start arguing what to do about it.

If humanity ever discovers life elsewhere, it will most likely be single-celled life somewhere in our solar system. Perhaps one of the moons of the solar system contains bacteria in its underground oceans.

But when we look up at the night sky and wonder if we are alone, most of us think of more complex life forms. We wonder if there are other technological civilizations facing the same problems as us and puzzled over their origins and destiny as we do.

So far, there are none, and new studies have not revealed any new evidence.

The new paper, titled “Searching for Technosignatures in the Direction of the Galactic Center at 150 MHz”, is the fourth study. Each of the four is a search for low frequency radio waves using the Murchison Widefield Array (MWA) in Australia.


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