Environmentalists warn of risks of environmental catastrophe due to ship graveyard in Rio de Janeiro

(ORDO NEWS) — A ship graveyard in Guanaraba Bay near Rio de Janeiro in Brazil is threatening an environmental disaster.

This was stated by representatives of the local movement Movimento Baia Viva (“Living Bay”).

According to environmental activists, there are several dozen ships in Guanaraba, some of which have already sunk. Dozens of tons of fuel oil remain in the tanks of abandoned boards.

The last incident in the bay occurred in mid-November 2022, when during a storm the 200-meter cargo ship Sao Luiz broke anchor and crashed into the longest bridge in Latin America. About 50 tons of oil products were on board the cargo ship.

Representatives of Movimento Baia Viva specified that Guanaraba was once covered with vast mangroves where marine life flourished.

Today, the ship graveyard threatens seahorses, green turtles and Guiana dolphins – one of the animal symbols of Rio de Janeiro.

According to Rio de Janeiro State University researchers, only 34 dolphins were counted in the bay in 2022, although in the 1990s their population numbered about 800 individuals.

According to eco-activists, the damage to the environment from the ship graveyard amounts to several tens of billions of Brazilian reais per year (one real costs 13.8 rubles).

The city is looking for a way to clean up the hazardous landfill, but dismantling each ship is very expensive and requires a separate litigation.


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