Environmentalists predicted a catastrophe for every fourth city in the world

(ORDO NEWS) — An international project to study greenhouse gas emissions and their impact on climate recently announced disappointing forecasts. The thing is that every fourth city does not have enough financial resources to protect itself from climate change.

Reported by The Guardian.

Today, more than 90% of settlements regularly face threats: floods, overheating, water shortages, hurricanes, etc. Researchers studied 800 major cities around the world. Nearly half of them do not have a disaster response plan.

Many megacities hope to receive money from the state budget in the event of a disaster. Environmentalists also identified several large cities that skillfully adapt to climate change – London, Athens, Bristol, etc. In these megacities, roofs of buildings are actively used for landscaping the city as a whole. This helps to cool overheated concrete and asphalt.

Bristol takes flood fortification seriously. More than 17 km of defenses have already been cocked on the streets of Bristol. A similar practice should be introduced in all large settlements. This can be done gradually to minimize the negative effects of greenhouse gas emissions.


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