Engineers have developed a robot that destroys cockroaches with a laser

(ORDO NEWS) — Researchers at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh designed the work around artificial intelligence trained to kill annoying cockroaches with a deadly laser.

But the device wasn’t just designed to take revenge on insects, the machine’s inventors believe it could be an inexpensive, environmentally friendly replacement for toxic insecticides.

While the engineers behind the machine say their invention could be used to control a variety of unwanted insects, they see cockroaches as the perfect test subject.

How the robot works

The device, which consists of a tiny computer, two cameras and a 1600 milliwatt laser, uses “machine vision” to hunt its prey.

So far, the tests have been promising, but there is one major drawback – the device can barely keep up with the cockroaches. The researchers say that many elements of the machine will have to be improved.

The next steps are to teach the job to hit specific parts of the body of insects, in particular their abdomen, to ensure their destruction is guaranteed.

Engineers have developed a robot that destroys cockroaches with a laser
The robot destroys insects with a laser

Robot usage

There are many options for using the robot, according to the creators of the machine.

If we are talking about industrial or agricultural applications, then this is a very serious opportunity.

It is very cheap, even compared to pesticides, because laser prices are not that high, ” Rakhmatulin said.

As for home use, the engineers emphasized that this should not be done.

They note that it is impossible to be sure of a 100% guarantee of the safety of the device, because lasers can cause significant harm to the eyes.


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