Engineers create four-winged bird-like drones

(ORDO NEWS) — We have developed four-winged, bird-like robots called ornithopters that can take off and fly with the agility of hummingbirds and insects. We did this by reverse engineering aerodynamics and biomechanics.

Our ornithopters can surpass and surpass the existing configurations of drones flying with static wings or propellers.

Ornithopters are flying machines based on the flight of birds. Ornithopters flap their wings to create a forward thrust. The complex relationship between aerodynamics and wing motion allows birds and insects to fly in a way that conventional drones cannot.

Ornithopters fly differently than regular drones. They can hover and perform aerobatics. In different situations, they can either save energy by flying like a regular plane, or hover on air currents. They can take off and land in confined spaces.

Flapping wings are nature’s natural solution to the need to fly fast and slow, and land and take off from anywhere. For a bird or insect, each part of the system is used for hovering and flying, without using excess energy or extra wings.

In principle, ornithopters are capable of more complex missions than conventional aircraft, such as flying long distances, occasionally hovering and maneuvering in confined spaces. Ornithopters are less noisy and safer to use around humans due to their large wing area and slow wing flaps.


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