End of the world December 22, 2020: what Vanga said about it

(ORDO NEWS) — Today on the Internet you can find many frankly frightening predictions of the alleged Vanga. The media convey the words of the godfather of the seer – Sergei Kostorny. So, on the day of “five twos” supposedly one should expect not just catastrophes, but the end of the world.

“A huge body will hit the water, waves will cover many countries, the sun will go out for three years. Only the good will survive, and the evil, who consider themselves smart, will perish. In three years a very good life will come. ” All these statements are outright lies. The prediction is also a lie that at the end of this year, smart and talented children will be born in Russia – future rulers.

12/22/2020 no disasters should be expected. It will be an ordinary day: the seer did not even consider it a mirror. Many statements about the future of people are false due to inaccuracies in translation or banal lies.

Vanga said during her lifetime that a disaster would happen for all mankind, which would come from the “yellow people.” The disease will capture more than 100 million inhabitants of the planet, many will die. The first blow will come in a year with five deuces and will last for three months. Then there will be a “respite” and a new blow will follow. It was clearly about the coronavirus and the summer, when the epidemic temporarily subsided.

Vanga said that Russia will have hard times. America, on the other hand, will suffer from numerous cataclysms that will force residents to leave their homes and move to other countries altogether. America’s future is very bleak. The element will destroy and flood it.

It will not be easy for the Europeans either. The EU countries will experience a serious influx of migrants. Aliens will not only become massive, but even begin to rule Europe. Already today these problems are observed in France and Germany. “Outsiders” sin with robbery and violence, the police are powerless.

Thus, the last month of 2020 will end without destruction from meteorites, etc. You should not trust various dubious sources.


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