Encrypted message found on parachute of Perseverance rover

(ORDO NEWS) — Netizens are trying to prove that they were able to decipher a hidden message that is present on the parachute of NASA’s Perseverance rover.

In the form of a picture on a parachute, the words “Dare to do great things” were encrypted. In order to translate the picture into letters, it was required to use a special binary code.

The red and white pattern seemed very strange to users on Reddit and Twitter.

They labeled red as 1 and white as 0. Each ring that was present meant a different word. As a result of the decryption, it was possible to obtain the motto used by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, which took over most of the work of launching Perseverance.

It is worth noting that this phrase was first used by Theodore Roosevelt during one of his speeches in 1899. The pattern for the parachute was chosen by NASA.

The main purpose of this figure is that the specialists were able to determine at what angle the parachute was deployed and whether it twisted. An interesting point is that this is far from the first and not the last hidden message that was left on the Perseverance rover.

For example, on the aluminum plate there is an image of the Staff of Asclepius, which is an ancient symbol of medicine and is considered a reference to the coronavirus pandemic.


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