Elon Musk’s neural chip causes concern among scientists

(ORDO NEWS) — The miniature device from Neuralink aims to alleviate some health problems, such as allowing paralyzed people to use their brain activity to control their computers and mobile devices. Daily Star reports.

News broke last week that Neuralink is already preparing to begin human trials. Concerned scientists have issued a stern warning after the launch of Elon Musk‘s brain implants.

The brain implant has so far been tested in monkeys and pigs. If successful, the chip could enable paralyzed people to control their computers and mobile devices using brain activity.

However, Elon Musk has previously presented his vision of how humans can achieve “symbiosis” with artificial intelligence in order to avoid “falling behind” machines. The device could allow people to control computers with their minds.

Some experts have expressed great concern about whether society is ready to bring the human brain and technology together.

Dr. L. Sid Johnson, Associate Professor at the Center for Bioethics and the Humanities at SANY State University of Medicine, said: “These are very niche products, if we’re really talking about developing only for paralyzed people, then the market is small and the devices are expensive.”

“If the end goal is to use the obtained brain data for other devices, or use these devices for other purposes, say driving cars, driving Teslas, then the market could be much larger. But then all people with real needs are used in risky research for someone’s commercial gain.

University of Wisconsin-Madison Associate Professor of Medical History and Bioethics Carola Kreitmire expressed concern that if something goes wrong, we won’t have the technology to remove the device or repair the damage it caused. There are also concerns about the “stringency of scrutiny” from the board that will oversee the Neuralink trials.


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