Elon Musk told when the release of the Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup will begin

(ORDO NEWS) — At the beginning of the year, Elon Musk noted that one of the priorities for 2022 for Tesla would be the very completion of the design of the Cybertruck electric pickup truck.

The start of production of an unusual machine has been repeatedly postponed, and now the head of the company expects to put it on the conveyor by mid-2023.

Elon Musk said this in an interview with the Tesla Silicon Valley community of electric car owners. He added that even if the design of the car had not been modified at the design stage, a shortage of components would prevent the company from starting mass production earlier.

At the same time, Musk admitted that changes in the design of the car contributed to the shift in the timing of the start of mass production. Now the design has been approved in the final version, which will become serial.

Where will the Cybertruck be stored?

It is known that the Cybertruck will be produced in Austin, Texas, using 4680 battery cells. Elon Musk even suggested that it would make sense for a large vehicle such as a pickup truck to switch the on-board network to 800 volts, but it is unlikely that such measures will be in the first pickup.

Model Y crossovers with 4680 batteries are now being produced at the Texas facility, in the medium term they will be accompanied not only by the Cyberturck pickup truck, the second-generation Roadster sports car and the Semi truck, but also by the Optimus humanoid robot, as well as the Tesla automatic taxi.

Cybertruck is an electric pickup truck developed by Tesla. The novelty received a very unusual, futuristic design. But the main advantage of the pickup truck is its extraordinary strength.

During the presentation, his door was beaten with a sledgehammer and the car withstood the blow. True, during another test, the glass cracked, but the company promised to fix it and make it just as reliable.

What will be the price of new items is still unknown, but at the time of launch it started at $39,900. In the first day alone, more than 200 thousand pre-orders of the car were made.

While Elon Musk promises to release Cybertruck in 2023, the director of Jetson Aero showed how he flies to work in an air car.

The single Jetson One is assembled as simply as possible for this kind of transport. Its battery is enough for 20 minutes of flight at a speed of 100 km / h, but it is enough to get the head of the developer company to work.

Tomasz Patan, director of the company, filmed a short and apparently promotional video in which he easily jumps into the chair of an air car parked in the backyard, takes off into the air and flies directly to the landing area near the workshop. You can see it in our material.


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