Elon Musk spoke about all the dangers of the upcoming mission to conquer Mars

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(ORDO NEWS) — The founder of SpaceX believes that landing on Mars and its colonization will be very difficult. At first, there will be deaths, the entrepreneur and engineer are sure. He plans to carry out the first Mission to Mars in 2026.

Elon Musk has a sixth child

The man himself is ready to risk his life for such a great cause, reported by CNN.

Elon Musk is confident that most of the victims will be at the beginning of the mission to explore and explore the red planet. Flight, disembarkation. The adaptations will be very difficult. Therefore, many members of the research team may die.

Only volunteers will go to the red planet – Musk stated this affirmatively. In the last 10 years alone, 100 rockets have been sent into space and there have been many tragic incidents. Rockets crashed on takeoff, in space, how many of them did not come back.

People who dare to travel in space must understand what danger awaits them. Elon Musk wants to make Mars fit for life, build a city there, make a kind of colony. Perhaps there will be no way back to Earth.

It is very difficult to equip an uninhabited planet. It is difficult to predict all the dangers that will lie in wait for the volunteers. Yes, only volunteers will go to Mars.

But when it turns out to carry out the plan, trips to Mars will become commonplace. If a catastrophe occurs on Earth, then humanity can be saved! Only for the sake of this it is worth risking everything, the engineer is convinced.


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