Elon Musk showed a sketch of an underground tunnel under Las Vegas

(ORDO NEWS) — The construction was carried out by the Boring Company, owned by Musk, this is her first commercial transportation project. Early sketches were shown back in 2017 – according to the idea, capsules with a capacity of eight to 16 people were supposed to move through the tunnel, but then Musk abandoned this idea, saying that individual vehicles would be faster and safer.

A new sketch, which he posted on his official Twitter page, shows a tunnel designed to move modified Tesla cars – they, judging by the renders, will have additional retractable track wheels, and the cars themselves will move at a speed of about 250 kilometers per hour, as the test shows a ride in a specially built tunnel.

The render shows a futuristic tunnel filled with Tesla Model 3 self-driving cars that will be used to transport passengers. At the top is a display that indicates which license plate will drive next. At first, the cars will be controlled by drivers, but Musk suggested that the autopilot function could later be turned on.

The Las Vegas Loop will move Congress Center visitors from one end to the other in less than two minutes – a walk that would take about 15 minutes. Travel will be free for them. Some major casinos have already wanted to connect to the future network of Musk’s underground tunnels, and the Boring Company has offered to link them to the airport.

In May of this year, the company announced the completion of the first phase of construction: two tunnels were dug. Now workers are busy installing three passenger stations: at the beginning, middle and end of the track. The $ 52.5 million project, dubbed the Convention Center Loop, is slated to open to visitors in January 2021.

According to business experts, the system of “individualized mass transport”, as Musk called it, will be similar to the mainline, although it is underground. In the comments to the post, the entrepreneur developed the idea that in theory the number of underground roads could be almost infinite.

Steve Hill, CEO of the Convention Center, said in an official statement in 2019 that the tunnel “will be a new experience for customers and could be an attraction in itself.”

According to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitor Administration, the loop system is expected to be able to transport up to 4,400 people inside the two tunnels. The underground system will use up to 62 Tesla vehicles, and up to 16 people will be able to move at the same time.


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