Elon Musk shared his opinion on the existence of aliens

(ORDO NEWS) — Fox TV presenter Maria Bartiromo asked Donald Trump why the Department of Defense created the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force to track unidentified flying objects in the sky. Elon Musk also got involved in the dispute, having expressed his opinion.

Donald Trump was asked a question on Twitter. The head of the country could not fully answer it, so he said that he would check the information and write it back later.

According to Musk, the created group has nothing to do with aliens who allegedly regularly visit Earth. The entrepreneur has not yet seen convincing arguments that humanoids really flew to our planet. There is not a single normal clear shot, although almost all civilized people today have smartphones with good cameras. To this day, the pictures, if they do appear, are an incomprehensible “soap”.

People really take Musk’s opinion into account, because this is not just an entrepreneur, but a person who is slowly exploring space. This summer, Elon Musk said that the pyramids were built by aliens . Then the Egyptian authorities invited the founder of SpaceX to himself so that he personally saw the result of those incredible human efforts.

The latest tweets reveal Musk’s attitude towards aliens and generally to the question of whether we are alone in the solar system. There is no need to talk about the entire Universe, but about the nearest outer space – you can.

Scientists still give an unambiguous answer: the Earth is the only inhabited space body of all studied. If there is somewhere to live, then at a considerable distance from us.


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