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Elon Musk said whether his company Tesla will produce weapons, in particular kamikaze drones

Elon Musk said whether his company Tesla will produce weapons in particular kamikaze drones

(ORDO NEWS) — Elon Musk often communicates with the audience on Twitter, answering questions about the activities of his companies. This time, the billionaire was asked if we should expect military technology from Tesla.

The Independent published a new article, talking about killer drones that Russia continues to send to Ukraine. Elon Musk decided to comment on the article and called the practice of two-way use of drones the “First Drone War”. The most interesting thing happened further in the comments.

Tesla and weapons

One of the users with the nickname The Wolf left a response under the publication of the billionaire, in which he remembered the good reviews about Turkish UAVs. After that, he asked if we should expect drones from Tesla. Musk answered.

“They say Turkish are the best. Will there be a Tesla drone?” asks The Wolf.

“Should I make weapons? Ideally not ,” Elon Musk replies.

Interestingly, some media outlets took Musk’s tweet as a real reflection on whether his companies should enter the arms market with combat drones.

However, the entrepreneur, who has recently been criticized a lot in Ukraine because of his statements, did not actually talk about this.

Everything was limited to a clarifying question and a negative answer, with which Musk made it clear that he was not thinking about the production of weapons.


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