Elon Musk disappeared from Twitter the network is concerned about the absence of a billionaire for 8 days

(ORDO NEWS) — Elon Musk has always been very active on Twitter. He posted dozens of posts every day, commenting on the news, talking about his companies, answering people’s questions, and even uploading memes. This has been gone for 8 days now.

Musk’s latest publication for today was made on June 21 and showed another increase in gasoline prices in the United States.

A day later, he posted a comment under a CNBC story about SpaceX and its Starlink technology. Then the last likes were put up.

Twitter without Elon

This was noticed not only by ordinary users, but also by the media. So, the Axios edition calculated that in the last 5 weeks before disappearing from the social network, Musk averaged 145 tweets and retweets per week, or about 21 per day.

One theory about the reasons for the billionaire’s silence is that on June 16, an open letter signed by SpaceX employees was published, in which Musk’s tweets were described as “a frequent source of distraction and embarrassment.”

Some of the signatories of the letter were immediately fired, and the number of Musk’s tweets dropped sharply.

It is unclear if the entrepreneur and future owner of Twitter will return to his page. These are not the first claims that he receives due to publications on the social network.

– Previously, he was reproached for the fact that his tweets lead to sharp fluctuations in the cryptocurrency market, and hackers even threatened attacks if the situation does not change.

– Musk’s words also caused trouble at Tesla. In 2018, Musk was accused of fraud and asked to be removed from the company after his tweets about plans to take Tesla a private company.

He later stated that he had changed his mind, but this had already affected the share price, which investors did not like. They forced the founder to resign as chairman of the board of directors and pay the company a $40 million fine.

After these events, Musk undertook to coordinate his tweets with lawyers before publishing. However, later in the publication The Wall Street Journa published material , which claims that at least two messages were made without the consent of lawyers.

– In 2019, the US Securities and Exchange Commission sued Elon Musk and accused him of misleading shareholders – also as a result of some tweets about Tesla’s performance. After that, Musk once again agreed not to disclose Tesla’s plans and indicators on social networks without the approval of a lawyer.

– In April 2021, a Tesla investor sued Elon Musk over “erratic” tweets and violation of an agreement with the regulator.

Recall that Musk recently crossed the mark of 100 million subscribers. It is curious that he did not write anything about this at all.


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