Elizabeth II’s speech, prepared in case of a world nuclear war, has been declassified

(ORDO NEWS) — As the documents from 1983 showed, the Queen of Great Britain was to call on her fellow citizens to “pray, remain united and resolve in the event of a” madness “of nuclear war.”

In the scenario of a hypothetical speech, the monarch describes the threat to the “brave country” as “much more significant” than any other in history.

The speech, written by Whitehall officials during one of the most intense periods of the Cold War, was never recorded on audio.

The document, published by the government under the expired rule, was drawn up as part of the war games in the spring of 1983, during which possible scenarios of conflicts and incidents were tested.

“Madness of War”

The script begins with a reference to the Queen’s traditional Christmas address and reads: “The horrors of war could not have seemed more distant as my family and I shared our Christmas joy with the growing Commonwealth family.

Now the madness of war is once again spreading throughout the world, and our brave country must once again prepare to survive despite great odds.”

Elizabeth IIs speech prepared in case of a world nuclear war has been declassified 2

Elizabeth II mentions Prince Andrew, who was then in the Royal Navy. Her speech is built on personal empathy, since she and her entire family were forced to go through the horrors of war and take an active part in the fate of the nation.

The message ends with a simple and open appeal to the citizens of Great Britain. “As we strive together to fight this new evil, let’s pray for our country and people of good will wherever they are. God bless you all.”


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