Elephants deprived villagers of alcohol and drunk fell asleep in the forest

(ORDO NEWS) — Villagers in the Keonjhar district of the Indian state of Odisha discovered 24 drunken elephants in the forest, who drank the fermented broth and fell asleep, depriving them of the liquor.

The Indians prepared a decoction for a local liquor called mahua and left it in large pots to infuse.

“We came to the forest at about six in the morning to make liquor, and found that all the pots were broken, there was no liquid in them,” the residents say.

According to them, nine males, six females and nine baby elephants were sleeping next to the broken vessels.

The villagers tried to wake the mammals, but failed. They turned to the employees of the forest department. They managed to wake up the elephants with the help of drums. By 10 am the animals had gone deep into the forest.

“Maybe they were just relaxing there,” suggested one of the employees.

Mahua liqueur is an Indian alcoholic drink. For its production, flowers of maduka longifolia, a tree common in the forests of North India, are used.

Earlier it was reported that a herd of elephants came to an Indian village to take revenge on people for killing a year-old baby elephant. 44 elephants trampled a man who was tending cattle.


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