Elephants came to Indian hospital

(ORDO NEWS) — Daily Mail: In India, elephants entered a hospital, walked the corridors and watched people.

At a hospital in the Indian state of West Bengal, visitors discovered three elephants that had entered the building and were roaming the corridors. It is reported by the Daily Mail.

Elephants came to Indian hospital 2

Eyewitnesses of the incident took video of the animals. The footage shows how one of the elephants entered the corridor of the hospital backwards, and then froze and began to observe people.

After some time, he squeezed through the doorway and disappeared into one of the rooms. Two more elephants followed.

The recording from the hospital was posted on social media. Users were surprised by the unusual visit. Despite the many jokes, there were also animal rights activists among the commentators.

“I think that’s what happens when you take over their habitat and build structures on it. This is their land and they want it back,” wrote one user.


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