Egyptologist tests ancient Egyptian brain extraction technique through nose

(ORDO NEWS) — Stephen Buckley, an archaeologist and analytical chemist at the University of York, conducted experiments showing that the ancient Egyptians did not remove the brain through the nose during embalming.

Business Insider talks about it.

It is widely believed that the ancient Egyptians, when embalming, took out the brains of corpses piece by piece using a long hook that was inserted through the nose.

Egyptologist Buckley’s experiments on sheep showed that pulling out the brain with a hook through the nose was neither easy nor efficient.

Buckley showed that it was much easier to do this by first liquefying the brain and then literally pouring it out. To do this, you need to “beat” the brain with a hook for 20 seconds.

The ancient Egyptians did not know about microbes, but they did understand that removing organs slows down the decomposition of the body.

Sometimes the internal organs were taken out and buried in special jars, and sometimes they were embalmed and then placed back.

The scientist noted that even in fairly well-preserved mummies, the brain is sometimes found. For example, Pharaoh Amenhotep and his wife Tia had their brains preserved.


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