Egyptologist has solved the mystery of the “lost mummy” of Pharaoh Djoser

(ORDO NEWS) — The oldest pyramid in Egypt is considered to be the one that was erected for the pharaoh Djoser. Its age is about 4700 years. The construction was supervised by the architect Imhotep. But to this day, scientists have not been able to find either the mummies of the pharaoh himself, or the remains of his architect. Finally, experts seem to have been able to unravel the mystery of the ancient pyramid.

Many people are sure that their bodies were destroyed over a long time, or they could be taken away by the tomb robbers. But Peter James has a slightly different version.

This year, at the beginning of spring, the restoration of the pyramid was completed, which lasted for 14 years. It was damaged by numerous earthquakes, so it needed urgent repair.

Egyptologist Peter James described how workers placed several mastabs on top of each other during construction. These are special rectangular structures, which were made from adobe bricks. That is why the shape of the tomb turned out to be “stepped”. But the pharaoh wanted to be much taller, so there were six levels.

In order to maintain the next level above the burial chamber, the builders used palm trees. The wood began to bend under the impressive weight and collapsed quickly enough. Every month the sarcophagus fell lower. For a long time, no one entered the tomb, because it was dangerous.

Because of such problems, the Egyptians could abandon the idea of ​​burying the pharaoh in a pyramid and took his body. Most likely, Imhotep’s body was also reburied. Their bodies are still being looked for today, and none of the specialists can give guarantees that one day it will be possible to find the remains of Pharaoh Djoser or his architect.


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