Egyptologist explained why there is an abandoned chamber in the Cheops pyramid

(ORDO NEWS) — Some of the design features of the Cheops pyramid, which is located in Giza, can shed light on the process of building the wonders of the world in general. The abandoned and unfinished cell could in fact be the last place to calm the soul of the deceased.

The camera is at the very bottom above the other two. For some reason, it was not completed. There are suspicions that it was originally intended to be built underground, but then adjustments were made to the plan. According to Egyptologist Chris Nonton, for some reason it was easier for the Egyptians to leave part of the building unfinished.

It took an incredibly long time to build the pyramids. Sometimes it happened that the pharaoh died before the completion of the construction. After the new pharaoh came to power, a new construction project began. Most likely, the Egyptians weren’t too worried about some of the unfinished rooms.

Scientists are also sure that a large number of people were used to build the pyramids, and then there was no talk of any technology.


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