Egyptologist explained the presence of an abandoned chamber in the Cheops pyramid

(ORDO NEWS) — Some structural elements of the Cheops pyramid in Giza can help to obtain new data on the conduct of construction work in Ancient Egypt. This was told by Egyptologist Dr. Chris Naunton, reports the Daily Express.

The scientist suggested that the lowest of the three chambers located inside the pyramid, which is believed to have been unfinished and abandoned, could be “the supposed final resting place of a powerful ruler.”

“I suspect that the pyramid was originally conceived with an underground chamber, but later the changes were made to the plan, which we now see. It was decided that the burial chamber should be inside the pyramid and not underground, ”he explained.

According to the Egyptologist, at first he thought that the chamber was not completed because it lost its purpose after changing the plan. At the same time, Nonton gave another possible explanation, suggesting that the Egyptians, for one reason or another, it was more convenient to leave such objects unfinished.

“Egyptian architectural monuments took a very long time to build, and it often happened that the pharaoh suddenly died. A new pharaoh came to replace him, and new construction began. And the old object was either dismantled or built right on top of it. […] I suspect that the Egyptians were not particularly worried about the unfinished construction, ”the specialist noted.

He also added that the pyramid builders were unlikely to have “any advanced technology” and their engineering achievements were based on the work of a large number of people using simple mechanisms.


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