Effective measures to prevent Covid-19 infections

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — According to studies, coronavirus on clothes can live up to two days. Does this mean that clothes are one of the main sources of infection? As virologists Kathleen Georgan and Vincent Xu noted, this is not so.

According to experts, you first need to take into account the fact that two days a virus can live only in certain conditions, namely in a warm and humid climate. The second factor is the reticular structure of the tissue, due to which the virus quickly disappears or dries in an environment unfavorable to it.

A person who respects the rules of hygiene is unlikely to get infected through clothing. A sufficient measure will be the washing of things with powder. Apply various disinfectants only to people who are in the focus of the disease, such as doctors.

Shoes can also be partly a source of infection. The virus was found on the sole of the medical staff. There is no danger in this either, as the shoes do not come into contact with the respiratory tract. It is enough to take off your shoes and wash your hands with soap.

The final question is whether pets can become infected by shoes or things. There were cases of infection of pets, but in all of them the animals were in close contact with the diseased host. Consequently, the risks are not so great.


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