Effect of coronavirus on the body on grown mini-organs

(ORDO NEWS) — To understand how COVID-19 is distributed throughout the body and destroys it, scientists grow miniature human organs (organoids) and infect them with the virus again and again.

The results, according to Nature News , are alarming: signs of serious damage have appeared on the miniature lungs, liver, kidneys, hearts, and intestines. This study proves that COVID-19 affects not only the lungs.

High mortality rate

This discovery explains why people who become infected with coronavirus even in a “mild” form sometimes go through intestinal upsets, heart attacks, strokes, long-term lung damage, skin infections, and other serious complications.

Even if the patient is cured of coronavirus, then there remains a high probability that his body is irreversibly damaged. It can even cause sudden death, for example, from a stroke.

“We know that the cells of infected organs die off, but we don’t understand the nature of this destructive process,” said biologist Shuyi Chen, who is participating in the study.

The consequences of coronavirus

So, it has been experimentally proved that coronavirus, penetrating the human body, in most cases damages several organs, leaving behind a “mark” in the form of chronic diseases.

It is also known that coronavirus can spread through blood vessels, which leads to accelerated infection and severe course of the disease.

“It’s too early to talk about the relevance of tiny models. We need to grow more complex organoids in order to understand all the consequences that infected people may face, ”concluded virologist Bart Haagmans, who works at the medical center of the Erasmus University of Rotterdam.


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