Economists sound the alarm: China faces a new demographic crisis

(ORDO NEWS) — Once upon a time, to save China from overpopulation, the authorities passed the One Family – One Child law. In 2013, this law was canceled. There were several reasons for repealing the law. Firstly, families did not want to have daughters, the boys had the advantage.

Secondly, because of this, there are now a huge number of single people in China. The People’s Bank of China is already sounding the alarm and demanding the government to develop and implement a policy to increase demographics.

Reported by the South China Morning Post.

China is one of the most developed countries. Pets are already being cloned here, robots are working in hotels and restaurants, and technological progress has outstripped other states by 300 years.

However, even in such a seemingly prosperous place, people found themselves in a difficult situation. If the authorities do nothing now, in the near future China will begin to experience a huge demographic crisis.

The Chinese population is expected to peak in 2025. Then an irreversible reverse process will take place and the population will begin to die out.

There are very few young people among the population, but there are many more pensioners and mature people. This means that soon there will be a shortage of the working population.

Taxes on children, caring for parents have led to the fact that the birth rate has become very low.

Financiers and sociologists say that women in China should give birth to more than two children, otherwise in 10 years the country will be only old people, and the Chinese economy will collapse. How the authorities will raise the birth rate in the country is still a mystery.


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