Eclipses in June 2020: dates and impact on humans – what astrologers say

(ORDO NEWS) — In June 2020, two important astrological phenomena will occur at the same time, which can affect a person quite strongly. In the first month of summer, it is worth waiting for not only a lunar, but also a solar eclipse.

Many experts consider the eclipses to be quite dangerous periods, but at the same time, the energy of these events can be completely beneficial to a person. But still it is worth being as careful as possible and not commit any rash acts.

Six eclipses are expected in 2020. Astrologers believe that this can explain a lot, because this year over the past decades is difficult enough for many.

Lunar Eclipse June 5, 2020

A lunar eclipse is expected on June 5. The shadow of the Earth will partially cover the satellite, so it will not completely disappear from the sky. The influence of such an eclipse cannot be called too strong and therefore it will not harm people in any way. At the same time, astrologers believe that if the moon is only partially closed, then all sorts of troubles can arise in people quite unexpectedly.

During a lunar eclipse, you should be as careful as possible and not do anything that could lead to problems. It is worth giving up any trips and important purchases. Astrologers say that on this day it is better to be alone and understand yourself.

Solar Eclipse June 21, 2020

June 21 will be a solar eclipse. Astrologers believe that such eclipses have a stronger effect on people and can cause quarrels and misunderstandings. At the end of the month, an annular solar eclipse is expected, which is different from the usual. The Moon will be at a great distance from the Earth and will close the Sun in such a way that a sufficiently clear edge will remain. Experts believe that this can be extremely negative for people, and problems will arise unexpectedly and rather late, which will affect the speed of their solution.


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