Eating carrots can help lower cholesterol levels

(ORDO NEWS) — One of the most common root crops in the world is fraught with many vitamins and minerals that bring a lot of benefits to our body. Carrots can be consumed in any form, in any case it will be good.

“Regular carrots are an excellent source of soluble fiber and beta-carotene,” says nutritionist Lisa Young.

The specialist believes that this composition has a beneficial effect not only on the digestive organs, but also on the heart with blood vessels.

Eating carrots allows the body to cleanse itself, lowering bad cholesterol levels and reducing the likelihood of plaque in the vessels.

And the vitamin composition of the root crop, in particular, the abundance of vitamin A, allows you to strengthen the heart and helps it work.

The attractiveness of carrots adds to its uniqueness. It can be consumed raw or after heat treatment: boil, fry, bake. It is great for a snack, allows you to get the amount of fiber your body needs.

British doctors have proven: 25 grams of fiber per day – and the vessels will be in good shape, glucose and cholesterol levels will return to normal.

One medium carrot will provide 20% of this amount. Therefore, with any preparation of a vegetable dish, it is necessary to add an orange root vegetable to it, which will improve the taste of the dish and help health.


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