Earth’s stratosphere has shrunk by hundreds of meters due to greenhouse gases

(ORDO NEWS) — Unfortunately, greenhouse gas emissions are not being reduced. The last 40 years of human activity have a detrimental effect on nature. Due to the large amount of CO2, the Earth’s stratosphere has shrunk by 400 meters. Such changes can cause disastrous disaster. 

It is reported by Environmental Research Letters.

The Earth’s atmosphere consists of 5 layers:

  • troposphere (we live in it);
  • stratosphere;
  • mesosphere;
  • thermosphere;
  • exosphere.

The stratosphere is located at an altitude of 20-60 km from the earth. Due to greenhouse gases, the lower boundary of the stratosphere began to rise. CO2 emissions cool the troposphere, causing the air to compress. The more greenhouse gas emissions, the wider the troposphere and the thinner the stratosphere. 

If the level of gas emissions is not reduced now, the stratosphere will decrease by another 1000 meters in the next 60 years. This will significantly affect the climate and, even worse, the amount of solar radiation that reaches the Earth. 

The destruction of layers of the atmosphere will lead to even greater warming. The earth can turn into a desert. Solar radiation literally burns out all living things. Such changes could affect the operation of space satellites, radio communications, GPS and other forms of communications.


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