Earth’s mesosphere: scientists predict the ice age

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Experts once again started talking about global climate change, only now the forecast is not scary. So, in one of the atmospheric levels called the mesosphere, the temperature dropped immediately by 50 ° С and is now -140 ° С.

Experts differently evaluate the possible results from such phenomena. For example, James Renwick, a climatologist at the University of Victoria, believes the ice age will begin soon. Significant cooling takes place on Earth regularly: previously they were associated with a change in the orbit of the planet’s motion around the luminary and the axis of rotation of the Earth.

Last year, James Renwick spoke of a one degree increase in temperature in Antarctica. It turns out a little contradictory facts. Scientists note that in relation to all factors it is more correct to say not “global warming”, but “global climate change”.

During an increase in temperature on the planet, it is quite normal for it to drop in regions that were previously considered warm or even hot. Melting of ice leads to heating of the northern and southern territories of permafrost.

The gap between temperatures at different latitudes becomes less noticeable. During the rotation of the planet, the polar vortices move faster, they stumble on high pressure areas and shift east.

Changes in atmospheric “currents” will cause more severe winters throughout the planet. Climatologist Jeff Kempston said a decade ago that heating of the troposphere (where we live) is observed against the background of cooling of the mesosphere at an altitude of more than 50 km. The number of “silver clouds” that the scientist investigated will only grow.


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