Earthquake caused on Earth

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It turns out that deep below the surface of the Earth, water can cause earthquakes and tsunamis. It lowers the melting point of rocks near fault lines. This was reported by the Daily Mail.

British scientists conducted research along the border of the Caribbean tectonic plate and found that the water cycle under the ground is associated with magma movement and seismic activity.

A new study showed that water deep below the surface of the Earth causes earthquakes, while lowering the melting point of rocky rocks along fault lines.

The relationship between the data on water emissions and the level of seismic activity, researchers found on the border of the Caribbean-American tectonic plate, in the place where one plate is loaded under another. In these areas, huge volumes of water are passed outside and inside. As water is released, it lowers the melting point of the surrounding rocks and forms magma, which rises upward, leading to eruptions in the volcanic arc above.

The famous Pacific “ring of fire” of the Earth is a horseshoe-shaped geological zone, along which a large number of subduction zones are located, where one tectonic plate rises above the other. According to American seismologists, about 90 percent of world earthquakes occur along this “ring of fire”.

According to scientists, now they have convincing evidence of the existing connection of the Earth’s water cycle with the formation of magma and seismic activity. Currently, researchers intend to find out how their discovery will help create a warning system for large earthquakes and tsunamis.


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