Earth was covered by a strong magnetic storm what is known

(ORDO NEWS) — A strong magnetic storm covered the Earth. Even those who have never experienced discomfort due to such phenomena may suffer from its influence.

Therefore, it is important to know how to protect yourself at this time.

In December, namely 27.12, people will face a new influx of cosmic storm. Forecasters rate it at 5 points. Due to the crack formed in the Earth’s magnetosphere , its influence will be felt much more strongly.

The crack appeared as a result of a shock wave during one of the last storms. The planet will be in this state until January 28.

In order not to spoil the New Year, it is better for people to prepare and protect themselves from the negative impact of solar activity, which will remind of itself until January 3.

What to do during a magnetic storm

During such periods, people complain of weakness, sleep problems, headaches and irritability. Chronic diseases may worsen and even remind of old injuries.

Doctors advise at this time to take care, first of all, of a good night’s sleep. Sleep in complete darkness and silence, without gadgets nearby.

Minimize irritants:

  • Don’t watch horror movies
  • Give up caffeine
  • Follow the routine of the day
  • Walk more (minimum 3 km per day)

Morning gymnastics and yoga will also be useful. But it is better to give up power loads. It is best to replace coffee with green or herbal tea.

Try not to plan anything in particular, prepare the house for the holidays and take stock of the passing year.

Astrologers say that at this time it is better not to make difficult decisions, and also not to agree to dubious job offers. There is a high probability of encountering fraudsters in finance.


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