Earth predicted “temperature change” in the near future

(ORDO NEWS) — Today, the ecosystems of the planet are capable of absorbing about 30% of the carbon dioxide that enters the atmosphere as a result of human activities. But due to the fact that warming is happening too quickly, these ecosystems can turn, on the contrary, into sources.

It is no secret to anyone that plants are able to process carbon dioxide. Previously, experts believed that partially eliminating emissions could be by increasing the amount of greenery on the planet. But a recent study has shown that at a certain temperature, trees begin to absorb much less carbon dioxide. Experts from Northern Arizona University believe that in 30 years, trees will absorb about 45% less carbon dioxide, which will negatively affect the climate. Catherine Duffy said that the “temperature break” could happen in the near future, and not at the end of the century. As scientists previously suggested.

Experts have found that most plants absorb carbon dioxide at an air temperature of 18-28 degrees. If the indicators are higher, then the rate of photosynthesis begins to fall.

Today, some of the scientists suggest that the “point of no return” has already been, so the temperature will continue to increase, even if the amount of greenhouse emissions is minimized.


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