Earth moves through a giant cloud left by a supernova

(ORDO NEWS) — Perhaps the Earth is moving through a cloud of stardust. Scientists came to this conclusion after discovering cosmic foreign particles at the bottom of the oceans. Such a cloud was left behind by an exploding star.

This is reported by Science Alert.

The thing is that over the past 33 thousand years, the earth was literally covered with a foreign isotope, iron-60. It pollutes our planet, and pollution is still actively continuing. It can only mean one thing. Our planet has not yet emerged from the dust cloud that remained after the explosion of the star.

Incidentally, the isotope iron-60 has been found in humans as well. It is he who gives our vessels a strange green-blue color. This isotope is not natural on our planet. The half-life is 2.6 million years, and complete decay occurs after 15 million years.

These samples were discovered by nuclear physicist Anton Wallner. He works at the Australian National University. He suggests that the Earth entered the cloud about 2.6-6 million years ago. And since then it continues to move along it.

But over the past 20 years, new isotopes have emerged. This means that new stars are constantly exploding in space. There is a lot of iron-60 in space. This phenomenon has been studied relatively recently.

To study this phenomenon more and get answers to questions, it is necessary to study more iron-60. Since stars differ in chemical composition and age, it is very difficult to know exactly how many clouds our planet passes through.


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