Earth-like planets found hovering in space without stars

(ORDO NEWS) — The team has discovered several exoplanets that are the same size as Earth. But at the same time, they do not revolve around a certain star, but freely move through space. The discovery was made with the modern Kepler telescope.

It is reported by Futurism.

Scientists initially recorded a slight wobble in the star’s light. It arose due to the fact that a planet passed in front of the star at that moment. Due to this, dozens of exoplanets were discovered that freely “float” in our galaxy. Some of them have never even been seen before.

Also, this discovery attracted the attention of experts by the fact that for the first time the Kepler telescope recorded such short microlensing phenomena. Previously, detecting them required the use of more powerful hardware. Since initially “Kepler” was not planned to be used to search for exoplanets, scientists were forced to develop special methods for analyzing the information obtained through the telescope. These methods were also used to capture signals from a huge number of “floating” exoplanets, which caused the distortion of a nearby star.

Signals from exoplanets are too small to detect. The chances of fully observing directly such small phenomena as signals from exoplanets are very small. Einstein believed so, and a similar statement was made by Lane MacDonald, who is the author of this study.


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