Earth is waiting for a magnetic superstorm the Sun fired plasma at us at close range

(ORDO NEWS) — A few days ago, on July 15, there was an explosion on the Sun. As a result, part of the solar plasma separated from the daylight and flew straight at us.

It’s only a matter of time before the clot of energy plunges into the upper layers of the earth’s atmosphere. According to one estimate, tomorrow, July 19th. For others, a day or two later.

The explosion on the Sun was recorded by terrestrial and space observatories. According to astronomers who photographed the snake-like plasma ejection, “it was an unparalleled sight.”

What will happen next? Solar plasma carries a sea of ​​frozen energy. Fortunately, the Earth is protected by a magnetic field.

It is in him, at a distance of several thousand kilometers from the planet, that the plasma will hit. But the Earth’s field will contract and resonate like a drum. It will begin to oscillate randomly. A magnetic storm will begin.

The magnetic storm has a beautiful consequence – the auroras. The lion’s share of the Sun’s energy will slide along the lines of force to the magnetic poles, and the charged particles will collide with air molecules.

As a result of complex processes, air molecules begin to glow, mostly green. This is the aurora borealis. The stronger it is, the more southern regions it is visible. If the storm is strong, the radiance is observed even in Greece and Africa.

But numerous layers are tied to the earth’s magnetic field, like children’s toys with threads, which, for example, make long-distance radio communication possible on Earth. When the magnetic field begins to oscillate, the layers will also sway.

The connection will be broken. To a lesser extent, those who use line-of-sight communications (fm-radio, Internet) suffer, to a greater extent – long-distance communications, which essentially disappear (sailors). Sometimes, on the contrary, the layers are so skewed that a connection appears where there was none.

This is called “communication through the auroras”. When it is conducted, it seems that your interlocutor is a robot, so his voice is distorted. Since GPS is carried out via satellites, communication with them may be affected. Navigators can lie.

The health effects of magnetic storms have been studied extensively, but there is no clear understanding. In general, we came to the conclusion that in summer it is minimal. Why, we don’t know.

The Sun is now on its way to its maximum activity (the maximum will be in a few years), and this is a very “evil” maximum. Outbreaks are repeated often and they are strong. Scientists were unable to predict the “anger” of this maximum, and are surprised by the activity of the Sun. So there will be more storms like this.


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