Earth in ancient times was subjected to powerful bombardment from space

(ORDO NEWS) — Studies of a natural satellite of the Earth, the landscape of which remains unchanged, allows scientists to solve the mysteries of the past.

Many years ago, scientists discovered large craters on the surface of the Moon, which indicate that the Earth in ancient times was subjected to a powerful meteorite bombardment. Scientists from Osaka University have studied these craters for a long time and found that most of them formed at the same time.

The researchers studied about 60 of the largest craters, information about which was transmitted to Earth by a Japanese probe. It turned out that about eight craters arose simultaneously. This gave scientists reason to believe that the Moon and our planet were subjected to a large-scale meteorite bombardment.

According to astronomers, the total mass of all meteorite debris was about 50 trillion tons. It also became known that this collision occurred about 800 million years ago.

Planetary scientists believe that the debris brought with them to Earth a huge amount of phosphorus, which contributes to the birth of biological life. It is believed that this event gave impetus to the appearance of the first living beings on Earth. Researchers do not exclude that at that time the Earth could experience the largest icing in its history.

Earlier, Polish researchers said that the Moon poses a serious danger to humanity if a large asteroid collides with it. It’s all about the huge reserves of water lurking in the bowels of the earth’s satellite.


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