Earth feels the effects of a powerful eruption on the Sun

(ORDO NEWS) — Recently, scientists have recorded an unprecedented level of solar activity.

A colossal eruption on the far side of the Sun sent shockwaves towards Earth. This event once again underlines the enormous power of our star and its influence on our planet.

On March 12, 2023 at 11:36 pm ET, a colossal coronal mass ejection (CME) occurred from the non-Earth side of the Sun.

The researchers are now analyzing the data to determine the source of the eruption, which is currently believed to be the former active region of AR3234.

This region faced Earth in late February and early March, resulting in fifteen class M flares and one class X flare.

A coronal mass ejection (CME) is a massive ejection of solar plasma, magnetic fields, and other particles that are ejected from the Sun’s outer (coronal) atmosphere.

CMEs are a type of solar activity and can occur when the magnetic energy stored in the corona is suddenly released, often in association with solar flares.

During a CME event, billions of tons of solar material are ejected into space at speeds ranging from 100 to over 3,000 kilometers per second.

These eruptions can have a significant impact on space weather, especially if they are directed towards Earth.

When a massive ejection is directed towards Earth, the escaping solar material and magnetic fields can interact with the Earth’s magnetic field, causing geomagnetic storms.

These storms can cause a variety of effects, such as failures in satellite communications, navigation systems (such as GPS), power grids, and radio signals. They can also cause auroras.

Despite their potentially damaging effects, coronal mass ejections are also of scientific interest, as they provide valuable information about the Sun’s behavior, magnetic fields, and the wider space environment.

NASA‘s Space Weather Authority from Moon to Mars has classified this massive ejection as a rare “R” type because of its speed of 2,127 kilometers per second.

Simulations showed that the explosion occurred over Mercury, and the Earth is at the 3 o’clock position.

Despite the fact that the CME shock wave originated on the opposite side of the Sun, it reached the Earth.

As CMEs traverse space, they create shockwaves that accelerate solar energy particles (SEPs) along the way. These particles can travel from the Sun to the Earth in just 30 minutes.


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