Earth began to rotate faster: the possible reasons are named

(ORDO NEWS) — Experts recorded that the Earth began to rotate even faster around its axis. Some time ago, a new speed record was set for the entire time of observation.

Some scientists assume that the Earth has entered a period of rapid rotation, the duration of which is 50 years. Another part of experts is sure that our planet has set a record and will start moving more slowly in the future.

Almost all people are sure that it takes 24 hours for the Earth to make one revolution around its own axis. In reality, everything is a little different.

Since 1973, specialists began to use an atomic clock to measure the speed of the planet’s rotation, which makes it possible to more accurately determine how much time it takes for a complete rotation around its axis.

It was previously established that our planet slows down from time to time, so the International Service of Earth Rotation and Reference Systems adds a few extra seconds to the day.

This allows you to compensate for the planet’s deceleration. The Earth has started to move faster in the last couple of years, so the days will soon get a little shorter. Some researchers believe that this period will not last very long.

On June 29, 2022, experts set a new record for the Earth’s rotation speed. The full revolution that day was completed 1.59ms faster. Experts noted the second case of record speed on July 26, when it took 1.5 ms more than usual to rotate.

To date, experts cannot say why the Earth constantly changes its rotation speed. At the same time, there are several main theories.

  • The speed is affected by the melting glaciers at the poles. Their melting causes the weight of the planet to become smaller
  • The molten part of the core moves at different speeds
  • May be affected by seismic activity on the planet
  • The position of the Earth’s geographic poles is changing

Acceleration of the planet can extremely adversely affect the operation of satellites and navigation systems. It is worth paying attention to the fact that satellites do not take into account the changes recorded by the atomic clock, so they cannot demonstrate the most accurate location of a certain object.


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