Earning money on 5G dissidents, selling them flash drives with a wrap of 5833%

(ORDO NEWS) — Fraudsters continue to cash in on poorly educated people, capitalizing heavily on the sale of dummies that supposedly “protect against 5G malicious signals.” Fools are ready to lay out $ 350 to get a useless gadget.

The device, called 5GBioShield, is a regular flash drive with a memory capacity of 128 MB, which without a scam logo costs a maximum of $ 6.

This is very funny and it seems that it is impossible to find so stupid 5G-dissidents as to sell them a flash drive with a 5833% markup. However, buyers are and there are a lot of them!

Mass madness

There is a 5G Advisory Committee in the English city of Glastonbury (it even sounds disastrously stupid), and during one of the meetings, committee member Toby Hall stated without any evidence that 5GBioShield blocks dangerous 5G signals using “quantum technology.”

Hall did not stop there and wrote in a government report that “5G signals drive you crazy, spread the coronavirus and cause the birds to fall to the ground.”

Naturally, Hall did not have any evidence, but he was so infatuated with his delirium that he continued to tell everyone about the adverse effects of 5G on the health of living things.

Stupidity needs to be controlled

In London, senior officials read the reports and insisted on a court order against BioShield Distribution, which sells 5GBioShield.

“We consider this a fraud. Vulnerable people need to be protected from this kind of unfair trade, ”said Stephen Knight, head of the London Trade Standards Center, to BBC News.

It’s funny that Stephen Knight called fools devouring any disinformation junk very politely – vulnerable people. Oh, that English tact …


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