Each pirate ship had its own set of rules and code

(ORDO NEWS) — The pirate ship was something like a “floating state” with its own set of rules and code. If the adventurer wanted to join the crew of the pirates , then he had to accept the rules that reign on their ship.

Thanks to the set of rules, each pirate knew how the future booty would be divided, what the captain expects from the crew members, what rights and responsibilities they all have, how the reward system works and, of course, punishment. The latter was especially true in the case of a gross violation of the rules.

Unusually, one of the most common rules was the absence of fights on board the ship. If the pirates had disagreements, then they should wait until they got on land, where they could do whatever they thought to each other.

Well-defined rules allowed pirate captains to form reliable and disciplined crews that would help them achieve their desired goals and keep the seas of Earth terrified.


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