E-cigarettes increase the level of cholesterol, fats and sugar

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(ORDO NEWS) — Because of smoking, according to experts from Heart UK, a person can clog arteries with cholesterol, which will lead to health problems.

And this applies to both conventional and electronic cigarettes. Moreover, this is not the only negative effect of smoking.

According to experts from the American Heart Association, vaping is actually just as harmful to health as regular cigarettes.

This is confirmed by the results of a study published in the publication Circulation. In addition, electronic cigarettes negatively affect the level of glucose and triglycerides (a type of fat) in the body.

e cigarettes increase the level of cholesterol fats and sugar 2

During the study, researchers analyzed health data from 476 adults. Some of the participants also smoked electronic cigarettes.

It turned out that smokers had more “bad” cholesterol in their blood. The level of “good” cholesterol in them, like those who smoke ordinary cigarettes, decreased.

Another study, also published in Circulation, found that vaping can reduce blood flow. In 19 people aged 24-32 years, as it turned out according to the results of the analysis, after smoking, the blood flow was lower both at rest and after exercise.


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