Dyson Zone launches noise-canceling, air-purifying headphones

(ORDO NEWS) — The British company, known for its vacuum cleaners and hair dryers, has introduced a new development – headphones that can suppress noise and purify the air you breathe.

The concept seems fantastic, but the creators assure that this is a product ready for production, passing the last stages of testing.

Headphones are designed for residents of large cities, as well as those who have to stay in polluted air or high noise levels for a long time.

According to the developers, it took more than 6 years to research and create an easy-to-use and reliable copy.

The company did its best to speed up the work in order to present a novelty in the context of the coronavirus pandemic, when it would be especially in demand.

But the emerging difficulties and the search for new technical solutions did not allow us to do this last year, as originally planned.

Initially, it was a mouthpiece that purifies the air with equipment in the backpack. The design has been developed and modernized many times.

In total, more than 500 prototypes were made. The result is comfortable headphones with active noise cancellation and a built-in air purifier.

The design received a number of progressive solutions: the main part of the working elements is arranged in headphones.

Through the perforated housing, two compact compressors suck in air. It is cleaned by two-layer filter elements of our own design.

The use of unique filter materials used in the manufacture of vacuum cleaners ensured the durability of the cartridges. They need to be changed no more than once a year.

Dyson Zone launches noise canceling air purifying headphones 2

The system directs the streams of purified air to the area of ​​the mouth and nose and cuts off the contaminated air, forming a non-contact visor.

A person does not feel discomfort, since the face does not come into contact with anything. The developers claim that the patented technology is capable of removing up to 99% of contaminants.

Headphones protect against noise, the design easily adapts to the person and is gently pressed due to soft spacers. The visor rests on magnetic latches, it can be removed in one motion.

The equipment is being certified in Europe and Asia. After the completion of the necessary procedures, mass production will begin.

The cost and timing of the start of production are not yet known, but Dyson plans to begin sales as early as 2022.


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