Dust storm in the Sahara turned the sky orange in Spain and France

(ORDO NEWS) — A dust storm hit Southern Europe today, March 14 and 15, 2022.

Storm Celia has caused the transport of dust and sand from the Sahara Desert across the Mediterranean to Spain and France.

Dust particles in the air turned the sky bright orange. Areas such as Almeria and Murcia were particularly affected.

A thick layer of debris covered roads, buildings and vehicles, causing damage. Reduced visibility has affected drivers, and residents have been advised to refrain from traveling unless necessary.

In the Canary Islands, strong winds as well as poor visibility have caused flights to be canceled, affecting travelers.

The effects of the storm were also felt outside the country, including in Austria, as well as in Paris, Munich, Madrid and Lyon. In the coming days, a dust storm will reach the UK.


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