During excavations on Taman, a bronze figurine of Jupiter was discovered

(ORDO NEWS) — During the excavations of the ancient city of Krasny Oktyabr-1, located on Taman, rare artifacts were found.

This fortified settlement arose at the turn of the 6th-5th centuries BC and existed until the New Age, recalled in Brief reports of the Institute of Archeology.

Among the important finds is a bronze figurine depicting the god Jupiter. The artifact, 7.5 centimeters high, is a male figure in himation standing with support on the right leg.

In his right hand, Zeus holds a wide dish – patera, and his left hand is raised up.

The figure’s fingers are clenched, as if holding a scepter.

The head of Zeus with thick hair is slightly tilted to the side, and there is dense vegetation on the face.

Scientists said that most of these finds date back to the II-III centuries AD.

But the bronze statuette of Zeus is much older and belongs to the first half of the 1st century AD.


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