Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the demand for drugs has increased in the world

(ORDO NEWS) — There are approximately 275 million drug addicts in the world today. More than 36 million of them suffer from various types of drug addiction disorders. According to experts, 5.5% of the world’s population used illegal drugs last year. Another 11 million inject drugs. Such disappointing statistics were provided by the authors of the report on drugs at the UN.

According to the authors of the report, cannabis has become stronger and more concentrated. The main psychoactive component in the Delta 9-HTC plant. Its concentration increased from 6 to 11% in European countries and from 4 to 16% in the United States.

The researchers also studied the attitude of adolescents to drugs. Over the past 10 years, attitudes towards drugs have changed dramatically among young people. 40% of teens in the US and 25% in Europe do not consider cannabis harmful. The growth in the consumption of narcotic substances is actively increasing today.

During the coronavirus pandemic, the number of cannabis consumers in the world has grown by 40%. Also during this time, the number of people who use non-medical pharmaceuticals has increased. The increased demand for drugs has led to an increase in drug trafficking and the use of contactless methods of delivering drugs to end users.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused economic hardship in many countries. People simply do not cope with them and begin to break the law: to distribute drugs and take them. Also, the sale of drugs is actively carried out through the darknet.


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