Due to climate change, turbulence will become more and more common for aircraft

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(ORDO NEWS) — Clear-horizon turbulence is projected to double by 2050, forcing airlines to adjust routes. This will lead to more complex flight paths, longer flights, higher fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, and higher ticket prices.

Clear air turbulence usually occurs at altitudes where airplanes are flying.

An increase in greenhouse gas emissions prevents heat from being removed from the troposphere, the lower layer of the atmosphere, to the next layer, the stratosphere.

his leads to rapid heating of the troposphere and a drop in the temperature of the stratosphere.

This temperature distribution enhances the difference between the two layers and therefore enhances the jet streams, which affect the instability of the wind flow and increase turbulence.

In the new work, scientists predict that by 2050 the number of turbulence events will double, while it will become more intense.

To avoid such situations, airlines can adjust flight routes, choosing potentially safer trajectories.

This can lead to more complex routes, longer flights and waiting times, higher fuel consumption and carbon emissions, and thus higher ticket prices.


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