Due to a rare disease, the woman passed out every time she sat down or stood up

(ORDO NEWS) — A rare disease caused a woman to lose consciousness every time she sat down or stood up. An electronic implant surgically placed in her spine allowed her to get back on her feet.

Many felt this, but in a very mild form: when, with a sharp rise, the head begins to spin

According to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine , the patient who received the implant suffered from a disease called parkinsonian-type multiple system atrophy.

This disease is extremely rare. The symptoms are similar to those of Parkinson’s disease (muscle rigidity, tremors, postural instability), but the condition also causes nerve damage throughout the body.

As a result, patients often have trouble regulating blood pressure, heart rate, and sweating.

Why did the woman pass out every time she tried to stand up?

One of the main symptoms of her disease is the loss of sympathetic neurons in the body, which caused a sharp drop in blood pressure when standing up.

Many people have probably felt something similar, but in a very mild form: if a person gets up quickly, then he becomes dizzy.

However, in the patient’s case, the woman literally passed out every time she tried to stand up.

How does an implant work?

Swiss researchers implanted the patient with an electronic device, consisting of electrodes and an electrical impulse generator, directly into the spinal cord.

The device detects a change in the posture of a woman and causes the arteries to narrow, stabilizing blood pressure.

The tests were successful. The patient is now able to stand on her feet and is currently undergoing physical therapy to regain her ability to walk.


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