Drunken buffaloes uncover illegal alcohol cache in India

(ORDO NEWS) — In India, in the Gandhinagar district, several traffickers of illegal alcohol were detained. Three drunken buffaloes helped to expose the lawbreakers. At the same time, the farmers themselves were to blame for being caught, because they hid the bottles with alcohol in a container filled with water. The containers with alcohol were not all tightly closed and one of them began to leak. As a result, the contents got into the water that was intended for the buffaloes.

Reported by The Times of India.

After the animals drank water with alcohol, they became very ill. The buffaloes began to gallop violently. After a while, foam came out of their mouths. This strange behavior was immediately noticed by the veterinarian, whom the farmers called to the animals. He also noted that a very unpleasant and persistent smell of water emanated from the buffaloes, which seemed very strange to him. Immediately after leaving, the veterinarian called the police. At the same time, he did not say anything to the farmers and explain the reason for the poor health of the animals.

Police found 101 bottles of moonshine on the farm. For illegal trade in alcoholic beverages, law enforcement officers detained three brothers who worked as farmers.

The examination showed that the animals began to behave so strangely due to the fact that the water contained alcohol. At the moment, the buffaloes are already feeling much better, and the detained farmers are awaiting a court decision.


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